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Welcome to the website of the Canadian Communication Association. Founded in 1980, the CCA is a national, bilingual organization that brings together teachers, researchers and professionals from the public and private sectors to promote the investigation of communication issues in Canada. The CCA seeks to advance communication research and studies in the belief that a better understanding of communication is crucial to building a vibrant society.

Communications media and practices have played a pivotal role in the history of Canada, and Canadian researchers have had a profound impact on the development of communications research worldwide. The communications boom of the past few decades has enlivened debate about the impact of communication on issues of equality, diversity, health and prosperity. Our members are at the forefront of this exciting multi-disciplinary field, and come from a variety of backgrounds other than communications, including journalism, media studies, visual arts and performance studies, and the social and human sciences. For the general public, this website is a portal to information on communications research in Canada. For those who are interested in becoming members, the CCA offers much more (click here to learn more on membership).

We hope this site enables you to learn more about the CCA, and encourages you to become more involved with communications research in Canada.

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