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ACC Membership Levels and Benefits

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year; however, new memberships and renewals completed after November 15 of each year is carried over to the following year (i.e. if you pay your dues on November 28 2015, your 2016 membership is renewed automatically). You must be a member to attend the annual conference. Membership fees cannot be reimbursed, even if you decide not to attend the conference or if your submission is rejected.

To activate a new membership:

Step 1: Fill out the online registration form on this website.

Step 2: Pay your appropriate annual dues. The CCA accepts payment electronically by PayPal. The CCA is not responsible for any fraudulent activity that may occur as a result. A $3.00 transaction fee will be charged to your PayPal account or credit card in addition to the membership rate. 

Membership Categories

  • Regular (Full-time Faculty members, all ranks, and professionals): $100
  • Contract Academic Faculty (LTAs, Sessionals and Post-doctoral Researchers: $50
  • Retired: $75
  • Student (undergraduate and graduate programs): $30
  • Institutional (Departments): $250

Memberships Benefits

The annual conference is the first and most tangible benefit of membership in the CCA, but membership also gives you access to our mailing list, discussion and research forums, job postings, and notices of grants, fellowships, conferences and calls for papers. The Canadian Journal of Communication offers a reduced subscription rate to members. We play an important lobbying role with government and industry, and actively work to improve the opportunities available to Canadian communication researchers. Most importantly, by participating in the debate, discussion, and dissemination of current research, membership offers the opportunity to engage with an exciting national network of communications scholars (see more on benefits below).

We provide the following services to our members:

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is the first and most tangible benefit of CCA membership. This has become a de rigueur event for Canadian communication scholars, a convivial venue of scholarly exchange.


The CCA is the only network that brings together researchers interested in communication on a Canada-wide basis. Although we are primarily an association of academics, there is lots of room in the CCA for professionals from government and industry as well as communication practitioners.

Outreach and Communication

Through our website, electronic mailing list, and other communications, the CCA provides a venue for members to disseminate information about publishing, conferences, new hires, research projects and program updates. The interactive Forums and Events Calendar as well as our Facebook page allow members to stay current with new developments in the field.


Through venues such as the annual conference, the website, and outreach to programs, the CCA plays a crucial role in the mentoring and support of graduate students.


The CCA works with national lobby organizations to help improve the status and influence nationwide of Communications research, and humanities and social sciences research in general.

Public Profile

Finally, the CCA is crucial in providing a public profile for Canadian communication scholars, both in Canadian public discourse and internationally.

Renewing a membership

Renewing members do not have to re-register but should take a moment to update any contact and/or profile information that may have changed over the year.

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